The What, the Why and some of the How of Big Muse
To get the BIG MUSE METHOD, mix:
1 Part crucial business lessons
1 Part interactive workshop
1 Part rock concert
With the same charisma that sold out concerts around the globe, Emmy and Grammy nominated songwriter and musician, Peter Himmelman uses his high energy seminars to remind us that rock-solid relationships with colleagues, clients, friends, and family are the root of our every success in life.
He ingeniously molds this message to address pressing issues that hold back your business: failure to communicate, to collaborate, and to take risks. He puts his lessons into action - getting people to work together to create messaging with a potent take-away.
These are seminars you won't forget as deeper communication, outstanding collaboration, and super-charged innovation impact your bottom line for years to come.
Peter discusses - Success as Honesty