Doug Rausch

“Peter creates an opening for people to look at challenges and opportunities in totally new ways. Anyone looking to drive real change, at any level in their organization would benefit from the experience he provides.”

Doug RauschFormer President of Trader Joe‘s, CEO of Concious Capitalism, Senior Fellow, Harvard’s Advanced Leadership Initiative
Tim Westergren

“Peter is a rare breed: talented, successful and very generous. These workshops are educational, entertaining and inspiring. Mentors like him hold the keys.”

Tim Westergren Founder of Pandora radio
Alan Tecktiel

“I felt actual exhilaration from the folks I’ve run into after your seminar. Exhilaration is a word I never use to describe anything that happens in the Corporate setting so that is damn impressive.”

Alan TecktielSenior Director, HR Client Solutions, McDonalds Corporation
Michael Perman

“During our recent Creativity Symposium at the Gap Inc. headquarters Peter Himmelman’s Big Muse was rated 4.7 on a scale of 1-5 (5 being “amazing”). Workshop participants’ comments included: “SO entertaining and inspiring.” “Loved, loved him! So inspirational.” “Blown away.” “Genuine, gifted, inspirational.” “He challenged me to do something I never thought I could do.” “Impacted my entire day…loved every moment of the presentation!” “Wow- he was incredible! Great way to get creativity flowing from the beginning!”

Michael PermanDean of M!NDSPARK, Gap, Inc.
MarySue Heilemann

“In August 2011, I was jolted from my own concretized habits of academic writing style by an incredibly talented artist, Peter Himmelman. I met Peter in person when I participated in a Creativity Workshop he led in Santa Monica with some artists at my husband’s studio last month, but I had known ‘of him’ for years because I’ve been listening to and admiring his music and lyrics for a long time on DVD’s & on the radio. In addition to being an accomplished singer, songwriter, poet, musician, and performer, I found out that Peter is an inspiring mentor, guide, and muse as well.”

MarySue HeilemannAssociate Professor, UCLA School of Nursing
Barry Leffew

“Adobe Public Sector brought in the Big Muse to motivate our field organization and help us improve communication with our customers and business partners. Peter’s program exceeded our expectations! It helped inspire our employees, and delivered the creative confidence they needed to better connect with everyone important in our lives – both at home and work. Our employees didn’t want the session to end, the highly interactive experience was a welcome departure from traditional leadership slide shows.”

Barry LeffewVice President, Adobe Public Sector
Stanton Wortham

“Peter Himmelman’s workshop was remarkably successful with our executive education students. Instead of simply telling them about his approach to trust and creativity, he led them through emotionally powerful activities that allowed them to take risks and experience the expanded creativity that can occur when one overcomes fear.”

Stanton WorthamJudy & Howard Berkowitz Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Rob Webb

“I finally thought of your approach, put myself on a 6 minute deadline and rapped out a fabulous and breakthrough concept in 6 minutes. It was exhilarating! Thank you.”

Rob WebbCEO of UHG Ventures, a part of UnitedHealth Group
Lisa Donohue

“He’s Authentic. What Peter added was the human and authentic element. He got into the ethos of what makes us avoid risk. He went deeper into the rational and irrational, the heart and the mind of it, whereas the entrepreneurs were more into the mind part of it, the rational part. Given that our platform is that we are a human experience company, it is really important that we bring that emotion into what we do.”

Lisa DonohueCEO of Starcom
Dan Leavitt

“He had 900 store mangers believing that – despite the constraints, they could do more than what they previously thought possible.”

Dan Leavitt Sr. Manager, Learning and Development, Banana Republic
Linda Darragh

“What an amazing evening last night! The entire exercise not only pointed out the importance of vulnerability to release our creative spirit but also the possibilities of innovating within constraints (time and format).”

Linda DarraghExecutive Director, Kellogg Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative (KIEI) Northwestern, University
Mitch Martens

“Your methods were brilliant and you allowed us to connect more as a team. Your one day event has had a lasting effect!”

Mitch MartensCedars-Sinai Health System
Jeff Klein

“Peter Himmelman brought great humanity, energy and inspiration to our event. Peter skillfully brings out the hidden creative genius in people – delightfully and painlessly! His program begins with a great story, that leads into engaged exploration of participants personal stories and ends with the crescendo of creative expression. We look forward to working with Peter again, and again, and again!”

Jeff KleinDirector of Marketing & Business Development, Conscious Capitalism, Inc., Producer, Conscious Capitalism Events
Tim Jenison

“His ability to improvise is jaw-dropping. I am pretty jaded when it comes to “motivational speakers”. However, he’s really got something there. I hate to use the cliché but it was quite empowering, and I really mean that. I am about to embark on writing a book, and his little tricks have given me a lot more confidence in being able to do it”.

Tim Jenison Inventor and founder of Newtek Corporation
Lou Carlozo

“Taking a Big Muse workshop with Peter is like getting baseball lessons from Derek Jeter.”

Lou CarlozoChicago Tribune
Lynn Krage

“Peter Himmelman’s workshop at Wharton harnessed the power of vulnerability while also showing participants how to face the fears and insecurities that stifle us through creativity—the result for participants was an accessing and unleashing of creativity that imprinted a potent experience that can be repeated to fuel innovation and imagination within organizations.”

Lynn Krage Director, Wharton ExecutiveCoaching and Feedback Program, Wharton Leadership Program
Dan Gruber

“Peter Himmelman has a gift for building instant trust and rapport among teams. His uncanny ability to connect with an audience makes for magical moments for everybody involved.”

Dan GruberAssistant Professor, Northwestern University, Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications; Courtesy Professor, Kellogg School of Management
Eric Fracassi

“Peter will tap into your creative side to get your team the innovation and the spark that they might need.”

Eric Fracassi Product Designer and Developer at Wolverine World Wide Inc.
Jane Dutton

“Peter – thanks for enriching all of us with your presence and wisdom”

Jane DuttonRobert L. Kahn Distinguished University Professor of Business Administration and Psychology, University of Michigan
Rob Schwartz

“Peter Himmelman is more than a singer-songwriter. More than a great speaker. More than a thought leader on creativity. Peter Himmelman is a force of nature. I’ve seen Peter Himmelman in action, both as a musician and as a speaker. As a rock ‘n’ roller, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone as gifted with words, music and stagecraft. I can say with one thousand percent certainty that anyone who spends time with Peter Himmelman will come away looking at the world as a place of abundant possibilities.”

Rob Schwartz CEO TBWA/Chiat Day
Robert Kraft

“There’s something about Peter that always grabs you from unexpected places.”

Robert KraftPresident 20th Century Fox Music
Barbara Hall

“Peter Himmelman is an amazing story teller whose world view ranges from curious to furious, heartbreaking to heartening. Using concrete img and diaphanous sounds, his songs engage all the right senses and ask all the right questions, and the right answer is yes.”

Barbara HallWriter and creator of the hit television series Judging Amy and Joan Of Arcadia
Alexander Albanese

“Peter Himmelman’s songwriting workshop was the perfect opportunity for me to become more comfortable with creativity.”

Alexander AlbaneseInnovation Specialist, Hyundai Motor Group
Robert Harley Miller

“Wow, what a fantastic send-off you gave our warriors! We know that there will be life-changing results in all their lives thanks to you and your team.”

Robert Harley MillerLieutenant (Ret) Wounded Warriors Family Adventures
Brendan Okrent

“If you’re looking to challenge and expand the outer limits of your creative potential, Peter Himmelman is the man to take you there!!! I’ve observed Peter many times at and have seen him light a spark in people — encouraging and allowing them to tear down the walls that emancipate the true gifts inside them.”

Brendan OkrentASCAP, Senior Director
Chuck Silber

“I would ecstatically recommend his program to any executive.”

Chuck SilberCOO, Newtek
Betsy Erwin

“Your session resonated with our students and kept them at the edge of their seat! They left the event buoyed with creative confidence. Thanks for your innovative way of connecting with next gen change agents!”.

Betsy ErwinSenior Associate Director & Education Lead Center for Positive Organizations, Michigan Ross School of Business
Catherine Walsh

“The session you ran will be something that I remember always, and that I will draw on to get me out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to do more.”

Catherine WalshGroup Executive, Human Resources & Safety Group HR and Safety, Australia Post
Joe Marron

“Big Muse delivered a session that was very fun and interactive. They got me out of my comfort zone with new ways of expressing creativity that I didn’t think were possible. It’s easy to see how the power of their recommended teamwork processes and tools will allow organizations to reach optimal effectiveness.”

Joe MarronPrincipal Fellow, Raytheon
Jon Davis

“Peter was amazing. First he broke down inhibitions and defenses by telling stories on himself, curling into fetal position on the floor, mocking his own image-projecting and self-regard, then he cut through the layers of intellectual bullshit that obscure the basic human need to love and be loved, to care and be cared for. Then it was time to write. He composed off-the-cuff songs himself, encouraged the writers to write, the singers to sing, the dancers to dance, and created a setting for the participants to shine. Peter made it happen, but in the end it wasn’t about Peter—it was about the participants, broken open and suddenly fearless.”

Jon DavisDirector of the MFA in Creative Writing at The Institute of American Indian Arts
Julia Dilday

“Our team had SUCH a great time – what a unique experience that you and your team pulled off with such a fun spirit balanced with hysterical self-deprecating, relatable humor.”

Julia DildaySpecial Projects Lead, Uptake
Jill Angel

“Words alone cannot express how much we appreciated you and your team members – the level of talent in our kitchen was mind blowing. Employees are still talking about you and your band members.”

Jill Angel EVP People, The Leaf Group
Jim Cohen

“Peter’s an exceptionally rare blend of deep insight, fearless exploration and extraordinary output, in many forms and genres. Yes, he’s a musician at heart, but more than that, he’s a master musician of the soul and orchestrator of getting very best out of us. His passion, humor, and unbounded inventiveness galvanizes teams, evokes empathy and delivers the motivation and chutzpah to take bold steps in life and in business.”

Jim CohenSpark
Tonise Paul

“Peter is an experience–a musical, inspirational, fantastical experience. He breaks people out of their shells, gets their minds and hearts open and makes them see their full creative possibilities. Voila!, he unleashes a sea of creativity on the spot and blows people away by bringing to light what is within them waiting to be let out! Not just a one shot, what Peter brings will stay with you.”

Tonise PaulPresident & CEO, Energy BBDO
Director, BBDO Worldwide
Diana I. Cordova

“Our Advanced Management Program class found your message captivating, energizing, and relevant. The ratings don’t get any better than this! In a few short hours, you managed to unlock the creative potential in all of us.”

Diana I. CordovaClinical Professor of Executive Education Academic Director, Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute
Art Flanagan

“Your presentation was among the most moving and inspiring I have witnessed at our events during the past dozen years. Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts, vision, philosophy and, above all, yourself.”

Art FlanaganVice President, Communication, Insights Association
Bob Battista

“Man, life pulled it all together today. We had an amazing day started by your energy that you kicked off. All kinds of people, some of which just started last month, some MDs, some PhD types, came up to me and said what an amazing tone you set today. The words that kept coming up in all summaries were: presence and authentic. We had a great day, all kicked off by the morning session. Amazing.”

Bob BattistaCEO at Doctor Evidence
Brad Keywell

“I love that our entire leadership team got to experience your genius.”

Brad KeywellCo-Founder and CEO at Uptake Technologies
Jessica Malkin

“Hands down one of the greatest Talks and most magnetic natures of anyone who has graced our stage.”

Jessica Malkin Executive Director of Chicago Ideas Week