Big Muse was Founded by Grammy & Emmy-nominated Rock & Roll performer, composer and author, Peter Himmelman to unlock the the potential of individuals through creativity and high-trust teamwork


We believe:

  1. Relationships are what’s most important

  2. Creativity is being awake to possibility

  3. No one moves forward without confronting fear

  4. The more fearless and engaged you become, the more you will reveal your authentic self.

  5. Having the trust, both in oneself and in others, to act with authenticity is one of the underpinnings of creativity itself. Just as it is the quality that every jazz pianist must have to be able to improvise well, it is that very same quality that every CEO, or senior manager must have to lead their company to success.

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We believe every human being is endowed with innate creativity. When it is released, people will come together to accomplish any goal with joy and deep engagement.