My name is Peter Himmelman. I’m the founder of Big Muse.

For many years I made my living as a Grammy and Emmy-nominated songwriter and performer. My friends in the press waxed effusive:

“Himmelman writes songs with the same urgency that compelled the Lost Generation to write novels.” – Time Magazine

“Peter Himmelman is rock’s most imaginative performer.” – USA TODAY

“Himmelman probes all the passions, from anguish to lust, to depths few writers can even imagine.”– San Francisco Chronicle

But in 2011, following the disruption of the music business, I was full of doubt and fears of about my own professional trajectory. I’d love to tell you that I made a smooth transition to becoming a well-respected speaker on creativity and innovation for individuals, schools, and corporations. However, like every genuine reinvention, mine was a slow, and sometimes painful process.

But what I discovered on my journey of self-discovery —and also what makes me so passionate about working with people all over the world today, to help them reach their creative goals—are the ideas and techniques, which helped me overcome my fears. Embarking on that journey was the catalyst for a far deeper dive into my own creative work than I ever could have imagined possible.

6 years—and around 100 workshops later, we’ve worked with some of the world’s leaders in innovation and culture.

When I work with clients to awaken fresh opportunities for innovation and creativity, I often feel like an obstetrician, helping my clients to give birth to ideas, solutions, and collaborations that often feel as vital as new life.

My Big Muse keynotes and workshops lead organizations to greater competitiveness, greater resilience against rapid change, and greater productivity.





Peter begins to conceive of new ways to connect people to their creative drive. Two of the first workshops prove the concept.

“In August 2011, I was jolted from my own concretized habits of academic writing style by an incredibly talented artist, Peter Himmelman. I met Peter in person when I participated in a Creativity Workshop he led in Santa Monica with some artists at my husband’s studio last month, but I had known ‘of him’ for years because I’ve been listening to and admiring his music and lyrics for a long time on DVD’s & on the radio. In addition to being an accomplished singer, songwriter, poet, musician, and performer, I found out that Peter is an inspiring mentor, guide, and muse as well.”

—MarySue Heilemann
Associate Professor, UCLA School of Nursing


“I would ecstatically recommend his program to any executive.”

—Chuck Silber COO, Newtek

2014: 50th WORKSHOP


What we love about what Peter brings us is this ability to be able connect really with people. When things get tough, when it seems like you’ve hit a dead end, you need to rely on people…we had our most effective teams and most effective summer overall.

—Gary Chiaro
Director, Immersion Quarter
Medill, Northwestern University

2016: Let me out is published


“Fear is one of life’s biggest roadblocks, which is why Peter Himmelman’s book is so important. Let Me Out gets to the heart of how we can keep fear from limiting our potential by tapping into our inner resilience, creativity, and strength. There’s deep wisdom here along with very practical tools for translating our ideas into the real world.”

—Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post

2017: US Army War College National Security Seminar


Peter is nominated for the prestigious US Army War College National Security Seminar, where future military leaders seek the perspectives of leaders from a variety of non-military fields.

2018: 100th Workshop


Big Muse has helped everyone from leading edge digital innovators to “old school” customer service teams unleash their inner creative drive and deepen their connection with the people around them.