Custom Experiences

We get people to rally around your goals for success through our one of a kind music-driven experiences.

Our workshops help Learning and Development Officers, HR leaders, and CEOs translate their vision in ways that go beyond mere slogans. We deliver a power-packed session of music, songwriting and active creative participation to bring real meaning to your organization’s strategy.

General Logistics

If you’re wondering how this all works:

 Big Muse keynotes and workshops are super flexible. Depending on scope and budget, we can come with a…

·     Full band, (Peter, drums, bass, keyboards, two guitars, and an additional vocalist) 

·     Stripped down band (Peter, a singer, a percussionist/and or bassist, and an additional vocalist —

·     Or as is commonly the case with lectures and keynotes—Just Peter and his guitar.

 Our workshops generally run between 90 minutes to 120 minutes.  We offer full day workshops (5 to 8 hours) and half-day workshops (3-4 hours). Keynotes are most often 45 minutes to one hour.

 To discuss your needs, design and flow of the workshop, along with any details you deem important, we typically allow for (two) one hour calls in advance of your event. 

Peter Himmelman is more than a singer-songwriter. More than a great speaker. More than a thought leader on creativity. Peter Himmelman is a force of nature. I’ve seen him in action, both as a musician and as a speaker. As a rock ‘n’ roller, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone as gifted with words, music and stagecraft. I can say with one thousand percent certainty that anyone who spends time with Peter Himmelman ands Big Muse will come away looking at the world as a place of abundant possibilities.” —Rob Schwartz, CEO TBWA/Chiat Day